My iPhone App Page!

Alright, I have finally started iPhone programming.  After making a small information oriented Free App for the Wilburton Church of Christ (where I am campus minister), I have just submitted my first App to the App Store for Sale!  The app is called “Nag-O-Matic” Copyright 2009 Tyler Brassfield.  This application comes with 10 playable sounds of a nagging woman.  Use this app for an excuse to get off the phone for various reasons.  Who can refuse to get off the phone with you when they just heard your wife yelling, “Get out here and help me unload these groceries!”  They know that you’re a dead man if you don’t, so use it to your heart’s content.  The app, (Pending Approval from the App Store), will be available for $0.99!  Cheaper than a burger at a fast food restaurant.  Download it, even if you hate it; who’s gonna miss the buck?  NOT ME!  Estimated time table for my first two apps are late November early December.  I’ve never submitted before so there is a strong likelihood that App store may reject one or both of these.  Enjoy, and please buy, I have a baby on the way and every download is $0.70 straight to me!


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